Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thomas Litster and Elizabeth (Betty) Millar

As I've written before, I believe that Cecilia Litster's (b. 1785) parents are Thomas Litster and Elizabeth Millar.

I found a marriage record for Thomas and Elizabeth in the Old Parish Records via Scotland's People. I'm sorry I can't show the original record but I can't download it in a .jpeg anymore, only in .tif, which blogger won't accept. I'm working on it. Anyway, the text of the record reads:

05 Feb 1779 “Thomas Litster Farmer in Mill Deans Fifeshire and Elizabeth Miller Daughter of the deceased Walter Miller Pale farmer in Fifeshire (OPR Marriages 685/00105100150 Edinburgh [place of marriage] p. 97)

I wonder what took them to Edinburgh for their marriage.

As shown before, I already have a birth record for Cecilia, and in the IGI there are 2 more children of Thomas and Elizabeth, John, born in Kettle 9 April 1781, and James, born 15 Nov 1779 (almost exactly 9 months after the couple's marriage), also in Kettle.

I decided to look at the birth record for John at Scotland's People and it reads: "was born John son to Thomas Litster Tenant in Mill Deans, and Elizabeth Millar his wife. He was baptised the 24th of May [1781] witnesses the people of Mill Deans."

John's baptism record is interesting because we learn that Thomas is a tenant farmer and that they were living in the same place that Elizabeth was from: Mill Deans, which we now know is in Kettle (I couldn't figure that out from the above marriage record. In fact, Milldeans is listed at GENUKI as a place in Kettle). Kettle is a parish which borders both Falkland and Markinch, other parishes connected to the Litster-Brown family.

Luckily the marriage record names Elizabeth's father (sadly, not her mother) as "Walter" but I have been unable to locate a possible birth record in a cursory search in the IGI.

BUT WAIT! There's more.

It just so happens that the burial records for Thomas and Elizabeth are on line at the Fife Family History Center website here. They read:

LISTER, THOMAS (80): in Markinch; 6 April 1834; in grave of spouse, Elisabeth Miller, int 1 June 1827 (No 28, 1827)

“MILLER, ELISABETH (65): spouse of Thomas Lister in Markinch; 1 June 1827; head to feet of Isabell Lister, spouse of dec David Hunter at Mackie's Mill, int 20 Nov 1825 (No 94, 1825)”

The Isabell Lister mentioned might be a clue Thomas' parentage, but I'll have to explore that later. The IGI has at least 4 possibilities for Thomas, and as you know one can't rely on the IGI alone.

To put it all into perspective, here is a fan chart of where this fits into the family. Thomas Brown is the ancestor who emigrated from Scotland to Michigan. (click on image to enlarge)


Terri said...

Can the Tiff from Scotlands people be scanned? My scans all show up as jpegs.

Squinny said...

Terri - I'm not sure what specific images you are referring to? I downloaded the images from Scotlands People.